Abu Ayaan

Abu Ayaan Hijama & Ruqyah Center is led by Abu Ayaan.

Here, we offer a very unique set of skills in Hijama, as we are able to perform Ruqyah and Hijama together which has proven to be very beneficial, especially for patients suffering from Evil Eye (ayn) or Black Magic (Sihr).

Abu Ayaan has been practicing Hijama and Ruqyah (As-Shariyah) for 9 years. He attained his certification from Hijama Clinic in Birmingham UK and trained under Abu Bilal for one year before practicing Hijama on his own. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge; all thanks to years of practical experience and learning from renowned teachers in UK, such as Abu Muneesa, Ustadh Mohammad Tim Humble and Sheikh Abdul Majid (in the field of Ruqyah).

Abu Ayaan came back to Pakistan in 2017 and setup this Hijama center which has now been served thousands of patients. Also, under his own watchful eyes, he has trained four more professionals (2 males and 2 females) who work alongside him.

So rest assured, when you come to our Center, you don't have to wait. Just walk in and walk out half an hour later, feeling rejuvenated and spiritually high. 



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Opening Hours:

Mon - Sunday: 12:30 pm - 9pm

Ladies Timings: 12:30- 7:00pm

LG 05, Basement Arooj Arcade, F-10 Markaz, next to Maroof Hospital, Islamabad.

Tel: +92 300 3331243 , +92 317 5403955 , +92 51 2222956